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A collection of article to help users troubleshoot issues with their digital signage.

The Device Resolution doesn't seem correct on the Devices page in embedYou've set up your screen and expect it to be 4K but wait... it's showing a different resolution in embed - here are some things to check.
I have no sound.If you have a content with audio but you're not hearing anything, check these areas to be sure your content is setup correctly.
Update Samsung TIZEN 3.0 / SSSP v5 display firmware via USB
Offline DeviceFind out how to get your device back online
Android device offlineIs your Android device offline?
Chrome device offlineIs your Chrome device offline?
LG WebOS device offlineIs your LG WebOS device offline?
Mac OS offlineIs your Mac OS device offline?
Samsung SSP (v2 or v3) OfflineIs your Samsung SSP device offline?
Samsung Tizen SSP (v4+) OfflineIs your Samsung Tizen device offline?
Windows device offlineIs your Windows device offline?
Why is the Device Controller not working?If you are using the device controller feature but find it is not working, here are a few steps to help troubleshoot.
Why is my video not playing?Here are some things to check if you're having issues with video playback on a device.
Why are my schedules not working?This article describes possible solutions to scheduling issues.
Not downloading files after Windows app update from 3.4.2 to 4.0.*Some Windows devices have encountered small download errors if updating from v3.4.2, here we show you how to get back up and running.
Why is my website not showing?Using the website widget it is possible to show a website within a zone in a layout, however not all websites will display.
Update Samsung Tizen SSSP v4 (Tizen v2.4) display to 2160.1 manually via USBStep by step guide to manually update SSSP v4 screens to 2160.1 firmware via USB.
Troubleshoot Button for DeviceSome platforms support remote troubleshooting, in which case you'll see a Troubleshoot button in the device edit page.