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Setup guides, troubleshooting and more about platforms you can use with embed signage

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Media / Assets

All the relevant information for uploading and managing media / assets on your account

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Layout Builder / Content Creation

Become a layout builder master! Learn all the features, tips and tricks to create content for your devices.

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Channels / Distribute Content

Everything you need to know about getting content from embed signage to your devices

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Learn all about the users section of embed signage

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Plugins & Widgets

All the info you need to help using plugins and widgets on your embed signage account.

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Account Settings

Learn all about the various features included in the Account Settings section

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Technical and Security

All the relevant technical and security related information for full use of embed signage.

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A collection of article to help users troubleshoot issues with their digital signage.

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Collection of articles to help you with your digital signage analytics.

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External Communcations

Connect external devices or communicate between embed signage devices with a range of communication types including RS232, TCP, UDP, GPIO and Keyboard inputs.

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