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Offline Device

Find out how to get your device back online

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A red cross next to any of your devices indicates that the device is currently offline.

An offline device has either lost its network connection or not currently running the embed application.

If your device is showing content, then it has lost its internet connection. When content is published to a device, it will download and store all of the files locally, so it will be showing the content it last downloaded.

 When you hover over the red cross you will receive the date and time stamp for when the device was last online.

Your device needs to be online every time you want to publish new content, to get live data (for features such as weather, iptv and rss feeds etc..) or at least every 28 days. If your device has been offline for longer than 28 days it will need to download the content again.

Select your device operating system below to get your device back online:

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