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Android device offline
Android device offline

Is your Android device offline?

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Follow the steps below to get your Android device back online.

If content is not showing, the device will either be off or not running the embed signage application. Make sure the device is on and running the app.

If content is showing, the device has probably lost network connection, to reconnect:

You will need a USB keyboard and mouse for the next steps

  • Plug the USB keyboard and mouse into your device

  • Go to Android menu by pressing one of the following on the keyboard connected to your device - 'ESC', 'CTRL ATL DEL', 'CTRL F4' or right click the mouse

  • Select the settings icon 

  • Select 'WiFi' from the wireless and network options

  • Make sure WiFi is on & connect

Once connected

  • Press 'ESC' to get back to the Android menu

  • Relaunch embed signage by clicking the embed shortcut

When your device has an internet connection and running the embed signage application, it will show as online on your account. You can now publish new content.

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