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How to set up a Vestel MB400 Android 9 SoC Panel with embed
How to set up a Vestel MB400 Android 9 SoC Panel with embed

Setting up a Vestel MB400 Android SoC display with embed? Follow these steps to get set up easily.

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To set up a Vestel MB400 Android SoC screen with embed is easy.

First, you will need:

  1. a USB stick

  2. the latest embed arm64 Android apk loaded onto the root folder of the USB

With your USB stick ready, connect it to the Vestel screen and then turn on the screen.

Next follow these steps for the initial installation process:

  • Choose your language

  • Choose country

  • Pin - is not needed so you can skip

  • Select Signage settings > Next

  • Auto Launch > set to Disabled (we will change this to embed later)

  • Display operation mode > landscape or portrait (cannot be set later so be sure to select correctly here)

  • Power mode > Eco

  • Network settings > Connect to network (choose wireless or wired network)

With this initial setup complete you will now see four options:

[ HTML5 CMS Launcher | Media Player | Signage Settings | Applications ]

Select 'Applications' and follow these steps:

  • Select 'App Installer'

  • Select 'USB' to scan the attached USB

  • Select & Install the embed arm64 apk

Once installed press the Back button to go back to the four options. Now select 'Signage Settings' and follow these steps:

  • Controls > No Signal Power Off > OFF

  • Power up settings > Auto Launch > Select Application > select embed

Finally, reboot the screen and it'll now auto launch embed :)

Here are some other settings if needed:

  • Safely remove USB - Press ‘Menu’ > Signage settings > USB > safely remove

  • Check/set date and time - Press ‘Menu’ > System settings > date & time

  • Factory reset screen - Press ‘Menu’ button > Signage settings > first time installation

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