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Why is my video not playing?
Why is my video not playing?

Here are some things to check if you're having issues with video playback on a device.

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If your video is not playing on a device, it could be due to one the following reasons:

  1. For Samsung SSP displays, if the video zone is outside of the layout parameters (i.e. zone is positioned off canvas such as left -3px etc) then the video will not play.

  2. Conditional Play is set on the playlist item – setting conditional play is a great way to schedule content by day, time, date or temperature threshold. If the conditions set for the playlist item are not met, the video will not play.

  3. The timing for the video in the playlist is set to zero and 'Play Until Finished' is not checked.

  4. Conditional tags are set – playlists can be made of Dynamic Media (dynamically populate playlist content based on tagging media items). It is also possible to ‘only show’ or ‘exclude’ media with specified tags for a specific device. Ensure the tags match / are set up the way you intend the video to play.

  5. The video resolution is larger than the resolution of the device

  6. For Samsung SSP displays, if the frame rate is greater than 30fps the video will not play

  7. If you're using 4K Portrait Video on BrightSign - please ensure you enable the 'Native' video playback option in the device edit page and published content again

  8. For Android, please ensure you're running the 4.0.2 app or above

For further guidance on media formats compatible with device(s) check the Media, Plugins and Widgets PDF in the Resources section of our downloads page:

If you are still experiencing issue with video, please contact our support team.

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