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How do I register a device to my account?
How do I register a device to my account?

This article describes how to add a device to your account.

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The embed signage software is supported on multiple device platforms, click the link below to see which devices are compatible.

Tutorial Video

Download application on device

First step that needs to be taken, once you have your compatible device, is to download the latest player application for your device. Visit the link below to see the latest applications.

Retrieve unique key

Once the application has been installed and is running on your device, with a working network connection, you will receive a six digit code. This is used to register your device to your embed signage account.

Navigate to devices section

Using a supported browser, log in to your embed signage account and select 'Devices' from the left hand menu.

Register device

Use the six digit code and enter this into either of the 'Unique key' input fields. Click 'Register Device' to register this device to your account, where you can then publish content to it.

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