Set up a Samsung Tizen 7 display

Follow these steps to configure Samsung Tizen 7 displays with embed

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Initial setup

Step 1: Select your language

Step 2: Connect to your network (enter wifi details or connect ethernet cable)

Step 3: Smart Signage Privacy Notice - Click 'OK'

Step 4: Installation Type - Select 'Manual Setup'

Step 5: Display Orientation - Select 'Auto'

IMPORTANT! Orientation is not handled remotely via the CMS for Tizen 7.

Once setup has been finalised, place the screen in desired orientation and reboot, which will then load embed in the correct orientation.

Step 6: Player Setup - Select 'Custom App'

Step 7: Enter '' as the URL and click 'Go'

Step 8: Connect to RM Server - Click 'Next'

Step 9: Auto Power Off - Select 'Off'

Step 10: Set the correct date & time

Step 11: Set Pin - Click 'Next' unless you wish to add a pin

Your screen will now look like the below image

Now, navigate to 'Features' then select 'Custom App':

This will launch embed, and then anytime the device is powered on it will auto-launch embed.

When embed is running, with a live internet connection, it will display a six digit code, which you can use to register this device to your account.

Additional screen settings

Press the 'Menu' button on your remote control and navigate to the following

  • System > Power Control > Auto Power On > ON

  • System > Power Control > Max. Power Saving > OFF

  • System > Power Control > Standby Control > OFF

  • System > Power Control > Remote Configuration > ON

  • System > Power Control > Power Button > POWER ON ONLY

  • System > Power & Energy Saving > ALL OPTIONS OFF

You can alter also the Favourites list, so if you'd like to add embed, simply highlight it from the features tab, press the down arrow and select 'Add to favourites'.
You can delete options from the Favourites tab too by pressing the down arrow when highlighted and select 'Remove'.

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