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BrightSign - Known Issues and Caveats
BrightSign - Known Issues and Caveats

This article identifies any known issues and caveats when using BrightSign players with embed signage.

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BrightSign 5 Series Players:

Current minimum supported firmware for Series 5: 9.0.120

Known Issues:

  • 4K+/8K images on XC or XT causes instability issues resulting in sporadic rebooting

  • In 8K mode on XC or XT, animations on playlist items cause instability issues resulting in sporadic rebooting. By removing animations from the playlist items in the embed layout builder allows the players to play through the content.

  • LS, HD, XD, XT Screenshots of videos is intermittent and may return as red.

  • XT1145 currently does not support HDCP content passthrough


  • To obtain seamless video transitions, set the playlist item animation type to 'none'

Not Supported:

  • No native 4K portrait support for LS, HD, XD, XT. If you want to use 4K portrait video or images on these players, then rotate to source content to landscape and run the device in landscape. For embed layout builder elements (text, widgets, plugins), use the zone rotation function in the builder.

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