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Set to install and run embed signage on ChromeOS in kiosk mode
Set to install and run embed signage on ChromeOS in kiosk mode

Here we detail how to set up a Chrome OS device to run embed signage in kiosk mode - the recommended mode for digital signage deployments.

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Both of the below set ups must be done on devices that have not previously been used. If your device has been used, you must wipe the device before you begin to set up embed signage in kiosk mode.

Set up using Chrome Device Management (CDM) - recommended

This video will guide you through how to set up and deploy embed signage in kiosk mode on Chrome devices in minutes, using Chrome Device Management:

You can also read the step by step guide here: .

The embed signage app ID is: jaalfepaghgkfgimnijcdmhceiicommp .

How to setup a Chrome device without CDM (non-managed).

  1. Power on the device and configure the keyboard layout, network settings and location and finally the login screen. DO NOT LOGIN YET.

  2. Before logging in press ( Ctl + Alt + K ). This will open the Enable Kiosk Mode window. Make sure you select Enable in the box as this will allow the app to run in kiosk mode.

  3. Now login to the device with a Google account.

  4. Once logged in open the Chrome Browser and open a new tab. Enter in the URL address bar “chrome://extensions” and press Enter.

  5. Make sure Developer Mode has been selected by clicking the check box next to “Developer Mode”

  6. Click Manage Kiosk applications. A new window will open. Search for 'embed signage' or copy and paste the application ID which is jaalfepaghgkfgimnijcdmhceiicommp into the Add Kiosk Application input. Now choose “Add” > this will install the application.

  7. Now if you want the application to auto launch, select the embed signage app and click the button that says “Set To Auto Launch”.

  8. You can now sign out or reboot the device. On boot you will receive a prompt on screen requesting permission to autostart the embed signageapplication. Click confirm.

For further reference, read this article: 

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