We've seen it many times before, devices have been registered and expected to be one resolution but show as another - so we've prepared this guide which highlights some common reasons and things to check.

Samsung Tizen SSP + LG webOS for Signage

The panels are 4K, so you'd expect to see them show as 3840x2160 in embed right? Sadly, this isn't the case... while the panels themselves are 4K, the SoC player runs HTML at 1920x1080. This is why you'll only be able to achieve HD using the built in players on these screens with embed.


You've hooked up your windows device to a 4K screen, the resolution on display settings on the OS is showing as 3840x2160 but when you see it on embed, it shows as 1920x1080 or worse... 1280x720 😱

But wait! The Scale option is set to 300%... this essentially zooms in and skews the resolution. Simple fix: change the scale option to 100% > save it and reboot your device. Next time the embed app checks into embed it'll update the resolution.

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