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Update Samsung Tizen SSSP v4 (Tizen v2.4) display to 2160.1 manually via USB
Update Samsung Tizen SSSP v4 (Tizen v2.4) display to 2160.1 manually via USB

Step by step guide to manually update SSSP v4 screens to 2160.1 firmware via USB.

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With SSSP v4 Tizen screens running firmware pre-2005.4, there are known remote firmware updating issues. As such, if your SSSP v4 display is running an early firmware than 2005.4, you will need to manually update the firmware via USB.

Please follow these steps to update to 2160.1 firmware via USB:

  1. Extract the files

  2. Open the HKMLAKUC-2160.1 folder

  3. Copy the image folder and info.txt file to a blank USB (it is critical the folder structure on the USB is as follows)

4. Insert the USB into the display (either USB port is suitable)

5. Press Exit on the remote to exit the embed signage application 

6. Press 'Menu' on the remote 

7. Go to: Support > Software Update > Update Now

8. When it says 'Browse files on USB Drive' please select 'yes'

9. It will now prompt you saying a new upgrade is available > select 'yes'
example of screen message is shown below

10. The firmware will now start installing

11. Once installed the screen will go black and reboot itself

12. To confirm the firmware has been upgrade successfully you can do two things: 1) launch embed signage and the content will begin downloading or 2) Press menu > Support > Contact Samsung > Software version will show with T-HKMLAKUC-2160.1

Once updated, you will now be able to use the device with embed signage.

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