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How to enable Native video playback on Android.
How to enable Native video playback on Android.

For improved stability of video playback for certain Android devices, enable the Native video playback option.

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If you experience issues with video on your Android device, try enabling the Native video player to improve.

Note: If you're using a Philips D or Q Line display with Android 8 OS, you must enable the Native Video player in order to run video.

How to enable Native Playback on a device

If you have an Android device already registered to your account, simply click into the device edit page for that device then change the Video Player to 'Native'.

Once changed, please save the device and then republish the channel to that device.

It is recommended that you also Reboot the Android device once these changes have been made.

How to enable Native Playback on all new devices registered

If you know that the Android devices you're going to register perform better with native playback enabled you can change your account settings to ensure all new devices use the Native player.

Once here scroll down to the device defaults and then change the Android video player option to Native > Save settings

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