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How to change output resolution on BrightSign players
How to change output resolution on BrightSign players

Updating the video mode (resolution) for BrightSign via embed signage.

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Update from embed UI

If using v2.0.7+ app, you can change the player resolution via the device edit page.

Click in to edit the device, then under 'Resolution (video mode)' select the relevant resolution > then save device:

Once the device fetches the resolution changes, it will reboot to apply them.

Update on the player

If you wish to change via the BrightSign hardware itself or your using an app version older than v2.0.7, please follow the below steps:

  • Browse to the IP of the player and port 8000 (EXAMPLE: 

  • login using the default BrightSign player credentials:

    • username: [admin]

    • password: [the BrightSign players' serial number]

  • Navigate to the Outputs option and change the resolution to the desired output and save. 

The device will reboot and may require the screen it's connected to, to be turned off and back on again in order for the correct output to apply to the screen.

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