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I have no sound.

If you have a content with audio but you're not hearing anything, check these areas to be sure your content is setup correctly.

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If you have content with audio and there is no sound playing on your device, it's normally one of the following

1. Playlist item Volume Settings

Each video and audio item will have a volume setting in the zone playlist. You can edit this by selecting the item(s) or clicking on the edit icon for the item in the zone playlist. Then go to the volume settings on the right of the playlist and changing to an audible value (between 1 and 100) and save. 

2. Device Volume Settings (some platforms)

For some devices you can specify the default volume for the device. Go to the device edit page where you'll find a drop down menu option for 'Default Volume'. Set this to an audible value (between 1 and 99) and save.

Note: You can set the default, default volume for devices you register to your account in your Accounts Settings > Default Settings

3. Volume on the device itself and the screen it's connected to (if any)

For this you'll need your access to your device or the screen volume control. With the remote control for your screen, volume buttons on your tablet or mouse on your computer, adjust the volume on the device to an audible value.

4. Samsung Smart Signage Platform default video playback settings

For SSSP Tizen displays, in the Accounts Settings > Default Settings area, there is an option for how the video will playback. If you want Seamless video to video playback, then it is not possible for videos to have sound (don't worry embed, will take care of that part!). If you do want sound, you'll need to enable the 'Audio, not Seamless' option which means black gaps between videos. It's not possible to have seamless and Audio unfortunately.

If you're still having issues with your audio, please contact [email protected] for further assistance. 

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