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Device Controller

Connect and manage your device remotely, using the device controller

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The device controller allows you to remotely connect to your online device(s) and, depending on the device OS, provide a range of remote control functions.

The device controller requires the use of WSS, please refer to our networking article and ensure your network is enabled / set up to allow this.

If your device supports the device controller and is online you can connect to it and follow out a few commands. Not all commands are supported on every device as it depends on APIs of the device.

Below is a list of controls for Samsung Smart Signage Platform Tizen displays.

To connect to your online device(s), select it from your devices page and click 'Start Controller' at the top of the screen.

Once connected you will see a green heart, a screenshot of your device, a date & time stamp followed by the commands available to your device platform. When using these buttons, the commands will only be carried out on this device.

If your device doesn't connect, please read this article.

If you have multiple devices connected, you can follow out the commands on all these device by using the options at the top of the screen.

A full list of commands are as follows:

  • Screenshot - Receive a screenshot of what your device is currently showing.

  • Reboot - Reboot your device.

  • Set Device Time - Set the device time with either the current or a specified time.

  • Set Device On/ Off Timer - Schedule your device to go off and come on remotely by enabling the timer and then specifying the off/ on time and relevant days.

  • Mute/ Volume - Set the device volume.

To disconnect from the device and device controller, simply click 'Stop Controller' at the top of the screen.

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