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How to enable Time Sync for SSSP and Tizen Devices
How to enable Time Sync for SSSP and Tizen Devices

To keep SSSP and Tizen devices time / date up to date, you can sync them with the embed signage servers.

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If you have an SSSP or Tizen device you can ensure the time and date always stay up to date by syncing them to the embed signage servers. 

To do this, the first thing you need to do is ensure your device is properly located in the devices section. This will be how the device knows which timezone to sync with.

For guidance on how to do this, please read: How and why to set the device location

With the device location now set, all you need to do is go to:

Scroll to find the 'Devices' settings and under 'Time Sync' select enable. 

Now, save the settings (top right) and your SSSP or Tizen device's time and date will remain in sync with the timezone for the location that has been set for it.

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