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Getting Started with embed signage
Getting Started with embed signage

New to embed signage? Here's a quick 'get started' guide to help you on your way.

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First of all, welcome to embed signage and thanks for choosing to sign up.

There are five key steps to follow to get your digital signage content up and running on your chosen device(s). 

  1. Download the player application for your device(s)

  2. Register the device(s) to your embed signage account

  3. Optional - upload media items to your account

  4. Set up a Layout of screen content

  5. Publish content to your device(s)

Keep reading below to see how you can easily get started with embed signage in a matter of minutes.

Note: If some of the terminology used is not familiar please refer to our Terminology / Glossary article here.

Step One - Download the player application

To use your chosen compatible device with embed signage, you'll need to download and install the relevant player application. 

To do this, head over to our downloads page to see the latest player applications and supported device platforms.

Step Two - Register device

Once you have downloaded, installed and opened the application on your chosen device(s) with a working internet connection, you will be presented
with a six digit registration code. This code is used to register this device onto your embed signage account. 

Now, using a supported browser, log in to your embed signage account and navigate to the Devices section.

Under the 'Unique Key' input field(s), type the six digit code from your device and click the green 'Register Device' button to register the device to your account.

Further Reading: To learn more about specific supported platforms and the Devices section of embed signage, see these reference links:

Step Three (optional) - Add media 

This step is optional, it just depends if you wish to use media files such as images and movies within your content. 

To add media, navigate to the Media section of embed signage. Here you can either drag and drop files to the upload box, or simply click the upload box to browse and elect the files from your computer.

Further Reading: To learn more about supported media file types, the media section and our recommended files sizes, see these reference links:

Media Section Overview & Tutorial Video
All Articles for Media / Assets
Recommended File Sizes

Step Four - Create screen content via Layouts

Navigate to the Layouts section of your embed signage account.

As we like to say, this is where the magic happens. Layouts are where you create the content you want to show on your device(s). There a many great features as standard with the Layout builder which you can explore in more detail with the 'Further Reading' reference links below.

As a new user of embed signage, you will see a demo layout already created for you in your 'Layouts' section. You can configure (pencil), build (spanner), preview (eye), or delete (trash can) this layout.

Did you know? You can create a layout for multiple resolutions and / or multiple orientations and optimise the design for each resolution / orientation to ensure your content looks great no matter the screen?

Further Reading: To learn more about the layout builder, pages, zones and all the fun you can have, see these reference links:

Full Tutorial Video of Layout Builder
All Articles for Layout Builder / Content Creation

Step Five - Publish content to your device(s) via Channels

The final step is to distribute the layout(s) to your device(s). This is done by publishing a 'Channel'. As a new user of embed signage, you will see a channel has already been set up using the 'Demo layout'. 

To distribute the layout to your registered device(s), click the pencil icon to edit the channel. For now all you need to do is choose your device(s).

Save your channel and hit the Publish channel button. Your content will be pushed live and the device(s) assigned will begin to download it (must be connected to the internet to download content). 

Congratulations! You have successfully used embed signage to display content on your selected device(s).

Further Reading: To learn more about the channels, schedules and overrides and, see these reference links:

Further assistance

If you require more information or any additional help, here are some more useful links:

Contact us any time via our online contact form or via the in app messenger. 

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