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Run the Windows app in Kiosk Mode
Run the Windows app in Kiosk Mode

Follow these steps to launch the Windows app v4.0.3+ in Kiosk Mode - no pop ups, no windows notifications, no windows desktop!

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First of all, ensure you have the Windows app v4.0.3+ downloaded and installed on your chosen Windows device. To get the latest version head over to:

With the embed signage app installed and running on your chosen Windows device, press the 'ESC' key to bring up the options panel. 

Enter the password set on your device and then select 'Settings'

Note: the default password is 36233

In settings, scroll down and you'll see a section for ‘Kiosk Settings’. You can enable this mode to lock down the Windows device to just running the embed signage application without having to manually remove windows notifications or set shortcuts to auto-boot etc.

Tick this box to enable and then click ‘Save’.

You'll be asked to reboot your device. Do this by clicking 'Reboot' and your device will reboot to run embed signage in Kiosk mode from now on:

To disable Kiosk mode:

Press the 'ESC' on the app > enter the password > Click settings> Untick Kiosk Mode > Save > Reboot the device

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