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How to use RS232 with ONELAN to turn displays on / off
How to use RS232 with ONELAN to turn displays on / off

This article will show you how to configure the RS232 plugin with ONELAN devices to turn connected displays on / off

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Things to ensure you have in place before progressing:

  • ONELAN NTB Subscriber with 9.3.7+ software

  • ONELAN compatible USB to RS232 converter

  • Display with RS232 capability 

We first need to set up the RS232 configuration for the screen we wish to control, so go to the RS232 plugin and click 'Create New'

Now we complete the settings information for the display we wish to turn on / off. In our example we will use a Samsung DM48E display. 

  • Name - give your RS232 setup a name

  • Default Port - This can be left blank as ONELAN can only have one connected RS232 device

  • Baud Rate - enter the Baud Rate for the display 

  • Data Bits - enter the Data Bits for the display 

  • Stop Bits - enter the Stop Bits for the display 

  • Parity - enter the Parity for the display 

Now click 'Save Settings'

We can now set up the RS232 commands. Click on the 'Commands' option and add the RS232 commands you want.

  • Label - this is just for your own reference to make it easily identifiable when building content

  • Command String - this is the actual RS232 command string for the 'label'

In this scenario we have added the HEX strings for the Samsung DM48E on and off commands. 

To associate these to a ONELAN device, we now need to go to the Device page and 'edit' the ONELAN NTB that we have connected to the Samsung DM48E display. 

When editing the device, you'll see an area for RS232 where you can choose which commands you want to associated to the 'Display on' and 'Display off' options. Choose the relevant command strings from the drop down list

Save the device.

Now anytime you add a schedule to a channel and use the Screen on / off option the ONELAN box with RS232 configured will send those commands to the connected display.  

To activate the RS232 plugin on your account, please contact support via email.

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