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Update Windows App 4.0.1 / 4.0.2 to 4.0.3
Update Windows App 4.0.1 / 4.0.2 to 4.0.3

Follow these steps to update the Windows app v4.0.1 or v4.0.2 to v4.0.3

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To update a windows device from 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 application to 4.0.3 please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the device you wish to update and click the ‘update’ button: 

1.1 You’ll then see a notification pop up telling you that in order to carry out this update, you’ll need to either refresh the channel or publish the channel. Click ‘update’ to prepare the update for this device.

2.a Now you can either Refresh Device Channel (refreshes the last published channel state on the device):

2.b Or Publish the channel (pushes any any new changes made to the channel and its contents)  

Note: if you want to update all devices assigned to a specific channel, please ensure each device has had it’s update prepared by carrying out step 1 and 1.1 on all relevant devices and then publish the channel they are all assigned to.

3. On the device you’ll see a download status notification at the bottom right of the content:

3.1 When the update has fully downloaded you’ll see confirmation on the download counter:

4. The embed signage application will now quit and you’ll see the desktop for approximately 30 seconds to 4 minutes (depending on processor and RAM of device being updated). 

Note: Please be patient at this time and do not do anything on the device. Leave it run until embed signage automatically relaunches.

5. Once embed signage has relaunched, you will see it has updated to 4.0.3. You can check in the embed signage devices page UI or you can press ‘ESC’ on the app and enter the password, then click on Settings.

Note: If you had previously created a shortcut for embed signage and have this in the startup folder (C:\Users\******USER*******\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup), this will be overwritten with a shortcut to run 4.0.3


In settings, you’ll see that there is also now a new setting called ‘Kiosk’. You can enable this mode to lock down the Windows device to just running the embed signage application without having to manually remove windows notifications or set shortcuts to auto-boot etc.

If you select this mode and click ‘Save’ you’ll be asked to reboot your device. Do this and your device will run embed signage in Kiosk mode from now on:

7. To disable Kiosk mode:

Press ESC on the app > enter the password > Click settings> Untick Kiosk Mode > Save > Reboot the device

8. If while running Kiosk mode you want to access the Windows desktop / UI for things like network settings, display settings etc, follow these steps: 

Press ESC on the app > enter the password > click ‘Quit’

Now Press CTRL + ALT + DEL > Start Task Manager > Click File > Run New Task

Now enter explorer.exe and hit ‘Ok'

This will launch the main windows Desktop.

To restart embed signage simply reboot the device. 

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