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How and why to set the Device Location
How and why to set the Device Location

Setting the device location is not just for vanity, it has some very real and practical uses when it comes to content too.

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Why set the Device Location?

Setting the device location is important for a number of different reasons. Here you'll see exactly why setting the device location is an important step in maintaining your account and utilising the digital signage features fully.

Weather Widget

Using the 'automatic' feature for the weather widget means it will pull in the data for the device based on the location it has set. This means you can publish the weather widget to devices located all over the world and each device will show the correct weather for its location - provided the location is set on the device.

Conditional Play based on Weather, Wind and Temperature

When using conditional play based on weather conditions, wind speeds and temperatures, the data to manage those conditions is taken from the device location. 

So if you set up a message such as 'Keep Hydrated and Wear Sunscreen' to only appear when it is above xxxx degrees or is Sunny, then you need to have the device location set in order for the message to perform as expected at the location it is installed. 

SSSP and TIZEN Time Sync

If you have time sync enabled for SSSP and TIZEN, the time on the device will be sync'd to the time zone of the device location.

House Keeping

Having the device located in it's actual physical location will help towards identifying the correct device on your account. 

How to set a Device Location

Some devices may automatically geolocate when you register it to your account (depending on the OS and permissions allowed on the device).

However if the device does not automatically geolocate, you will need to manually set the location. 

To manually set the location, go to the Devices page and edit the device by either clicking the device name or the Edit Device icon.

Scroll down to find the 'Geolocation' section. You'll note that their is no longitude, latitude or geo override information set.

In the input field, start typing the location you wish to add - this can be specific, a postcode, area code, town, city, street etc and then hit 'Find Address'

Now you'll see the device has been successfully located and the longitude and latitude information have updated. The geo override is also now set to yes. 

And you will also see the map pin has updated. 

Finally, hit 'Save Device' top right and the device location will be successfully set. 

To change the device location, simply repeat the address / find address input set and save the device. 

To completely remove the manually location setting, click 'Clear' under Geo override and Save Device. 

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