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Overview of Devices
Overview of Devices

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The devices section of your account is where you register compatible devices, allowing you to publish your content to them. Basic device settings can be edited and devices can be removed from your account. Depending on device, you can carry out updates and remotely manage them from this page too.

Once you have registered a device you will see it appear on your account. Click the link below to find out how to register a device.

You can see an overview of your device, where you can edit and delete it. The overview of the device shows the following information:

  • Connectivity status - Shows online/ offline depending on connection with network.

  • Device name

  • IP & Mac addresses

  • Firmware and app version

  • Geolocation

  • Registered on and by

  • Channel it is assigned to

  • Resolution of device

If you click the pencil icon or the device name you can edit some basic settings and get a full overview of the device. The full overview will show you device statistics and information regarding the device software and hardware. The settings you can edit are as follows:

Basic Settings

  • Device Name - Give your device a name, for your reference.

  • Refresh Time - How often the device will look to embed for any updates regarding content and stats.

  • Assigned to channel - Can change the channel it is assigned to. (more information regarding channels)

  • Storage - Choose which storage is used for local playback.

  • Default volume - Set the device default volume.

  • Folder - Which folder the device is in, if necessary.

  • Licence - Type of licence, expiry date and licence key.

  • Orientation - Orientation of the device.

  • Device Controller - Used to remotely manage your device. (enabled/ disabled)

  • Notes - Any notes regarding the device can be typed here.


You can set the location of the device, by entering an address into the input field. The location is vital if you are looking to use features such as the weather widget and conditional play. Click the link below to find out more.

Conditional Play

Using tags and device conditional play you can set devices to only show specific pieces of media, allowing you to show different content on different devices from a single layout. Click the link below to find out more.

Dynamic Data

You can set the device to only show specific parts of data when using the dynamic data plugin. The plugin allows you to populate content from an Excel/ CSV file or a JSON or XML feed. Click the link below to find out more about the dynamic data plugin.

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