How do I add Content to a Zone?

This article describes how to add content to a zone to start building your zone playlist. Tutorial video included.

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To add start adding content to a zone (known as playlist items), either Double Click the zone or click the 'Edit Zone Playlist' button:

Now you can select from the available content types to begin building your playlist:

Note: If you only have one playlist item in the zone, then this will play on repeat. If you have more than one item, the timings for each item will be used (along with other conditional play rules) to determine how long and when each item will play. 


This will insert a text content item to the playlist. You can then customise the text and formatting by clicking the blue 'Edit Text and Formatting' option:


When you click to add media, a new panel will open with the ability Browse your media library, select an item and insert this into the zone. 

Once you've found the media you want, you can add it to playlist by either:

  • Double Clicking

  • Dragging and dropping from the library

  • Selecting the item, the clicking 'Insert Media'


Browse the already configured Global playlists and insert them into the playlist.  


Browse the selection of widgets available. Each widget will have it’s own set of configurable settings that may be required to be set before the widget will display in the zone.


If a Plugin has been added to your account, it can be inserted into a zone here. A range of plugins are available offering extended functionality. Each plugin will have its own set of configurable settings.

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