Firstly, you need to set up a UDP or TCP External Communications connection in your content through the CMS. You can do that by following this article.

Now that you have set up a UDP or TCP connection through the CMS we need to follow the steps below to allow the UDP or TCP traffic through the network to the embed app.

  • Allow embed through the windows firewall

Allow embed through the windows firewall

Firstly, we need to make sure the embed signage application is not running. So please close any running instance of the embed signage application and then continue. Next, we need to open the 'Allow an app through Windows firewall' settings area. You can do this by going to the search bar at the bottom or by pressing the Windows Key. Then search for 'Allow an app' you should get the following results. Please click 'Allow an app through Windows Firewall'.

Next, you need to click 'Change Settings'. This requires administrator access so be ready to enter your admin details to allow changing of the firewall settings.

We now need to search for the embed signage app in the 'Allowed apps and features' . If you cannot find the embed signage app listed please follow these steps to add it. If the embed signage app is listed please skip the 'Adding the embed signage app to the allowed apps and features' step

Adding the embed signage app to the allowed apps and features

At the bottom of the 'Allow apps to communicate through Windows Defender Firewall' please click the 'Allow another app' button.

A new window show popup. We now need to click 'Browse' and locate the embed signage app executable.

Next, using the explorer. In the folder location bar at the top replace the location with %LocalAppData% and click enter.

Next, open the folder labeled 'embedsignage_application'.

Now, select the 'embedsignage.exe' and click 'Open'.

Now that we have found the executable and selected it you just need to click 'Add'. You can then follow the next steps to allow the application through the firewall.

Allowing the embed application on the Public and Private network

In the 'Allowed apps and features' list find the embed signage application.

Next, we need to make sure every check box on the embed signage application is checked to allow the app to run local UDP and TCP incoming connections.

Once that is done you just need to click 'OK'

You have now successfully updated the windows firewall settings to allow embed to accept incoming UDP and TCP connections. You can now go run the embed application and get your UDP and TCP External Communications Content setup and running.

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