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Find out how to configure device interactions to control the content on other devices.

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Device interactions is a feature that will need to be added to your account. If you require this feature please contact [email protected].

This feature allows you to control and change content on a device using interactive controls on another. As an example, we are going to set up a tablet with buttons to cycle through a playlist of images on another device.

1. Create the target content

The first step is to build a layout using the content you want to control using the device interactions. In our example, we have a layout with a zone dedicated to images. The timing for these images has been set to 'Repeat' so that it doesn't cycle through the playlist.

(on this zone we need to add a touch event to load the device interactions)

2. Build the control layout

Build a new layout to control the device interactions, this will then be published to our tablet allowing us to cycle through the images in our target layout. In our example, we have two zones that will allow you to activate either the next or previous item in the images zone in the target layout.

3. Configure device interactions

Add touch events to your zones and then configure the device interactions. Using device interactions you are able to change pages, show/hide zones, activate specific playlist items or change layouts. In our example, we are going to activate specific playlist items using the 'activate next playlist item in zone' and 'activate previous playlist item in zone' actions.

For the zone that has a right arrow, we are going to configure the device interaction to activate the next item in the images zone in our target layout. To do this, add a touch event onto the zone, select 'load device interactions' and then press 'configure'.

We then need to select 'activate next playlist item in zone' as the action and then the relevant zone, which in our example will be the images zone in the target layout. The device which is going to be showing the target layout also needs to be selected.

For the zone with the left arrow, we would follow these steps and the only change would be the action in the device interactions. This would change to 'activate previous playlist item in zone'.

If you require any assistance using device interactions, please contact [email protected]

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