First of all, you need to ensure that your embed account has Two Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled. To do this, you must be an administrator on the account and that it can be activated via the Account Settings > Security area.

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By default, when 2FA is enabled, verification codes are sent via email however users can switch to using authenticator apps. Here's how you can set that up.

For users that wish to switch to Authentication via apps, login and go to your user profile (click your name at the top right of embed):

Then select the 'Update two factor authentication' option:

Select the 'Set up authenticator' button:

Then, using your chosen Authenticator app either scan the QR code or enter the setup key (Secret: MYUNQIUESETUPKEY) and then enter the verification code presented by the Authenticator app to verify the setup. You can then press 'Finish' to complete.

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