Creating Interactive Touch Content

Learn what touch interactive options are available to use in the layout builder

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Touch Events or Interactions can be added to Pages, Zones and individual content items to build interactive layout content in the embed signage builder.ย 


On a zone to add touch interactions you need to select the 'Interactivity' tab on the Zone Options panel

To add an event, click the add new button. You will then have a touch event added which you can configure. The first part to configure is:

  • Gesture - What type of touch the user will use to activate the event. Tap the zone or Swipe Left, Right Up or Down on the zone

  • Action - Choose what you want to happen when touched. Things like show or hide pages, zones or playlist items. Also trigger functions from within plugins such as Dynamic data

  • Target - what you want the event to affect for example a specific page, zone or content item

You can also add more than one touch event to a zone - this means you can carry out multiple actions from a single touch on a zone or perform different actions based on different gestures... very useful when swiping.


In the Page Options panel, select the interactivity tab for the page you want to add touch event(s) to.

Much like zones, you can then add touch events or multiple events to the page and configure the gesture, action and target.

Zone Playlist Items:

As with pages and zones, you can also add touch events to specific playlist items. To do this enter the zone playlist and click on either:

The Touch section of the playlist item...

or the Interactivity tab from the item options...

You can then configure your touch event(s) on that specific playlist item to carry out the action(s) you want.

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