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How to display a Microsoft Power BI Dashboard or Report with embed
How to display a Microsoft Power BI Dashboard or Report with embed

Here you'll learn how to link a Power BI account to securely display Reports or Dashboards on your Digital Signage Screens via embed signage

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You can securely link a Power BI account with embed to display dashboards and reports from their Workspace on their digital signage. This is a completely secure integration where the user must authenticate their Power BI account with embed using their Microsoft credentials. Once done, you'll be able to choose from your Workspaces, Reports and Dashboards to display them on your digital signage.

Here's how to set it up

First, you need to link your Power BI Pro or Premium account with embed.

Go to the External Services section in Account Settings and click Add New:

Give your service a Name and select 'PowerBI' from the Services list and click Create:

Now you'll need to Authorise the service. Click on the 'Authorise' Button. You'll be redirected to Microsoft where you'll need to sign in to your Microsoft account.

Once signed in, you'll be asked to grant embed signage PowerBI Integration permission to view data from your account. Click Accept:

Once authorised you'll be redirected back to your account where you'll see the PowerBI Integration has been authorised:

If you need to, you can setup more than one service on embed meaning you could integrate several Power BI accounts to display on your signage.

Adding a Power BI Report or Dashboard to a Layout

Go and edit a layout then edit a zone playlist. Now click on Widgets, then the Power BI Widget:

With the Power BI Widget now inserted into the zone playlist, click on the title or the edit icon to configure:

You'll see the Power BI Settings on the right side of the playlist panel which include:

  • Refresh Period (how often to check for new data)

  • Reload Period (how often to reload the report and get any changes)

  • Show/Hide Filters and Page Nav

  • Service (which Power BI account integration you want to use)

  • Workspace (which Workspace in the Power BI account you want to use)

  • Type (choose to display either a Report or a Dashboard)

  • Dashboard/Report (list of all available Dashboards / Reports in the Workspace)

  • Page (Select from Single page, Cycle through pages or Specific Pages)

  • Starting Page (Select which page to start from for Single Page and Cycle)

Report Page selection options are:

Single Page - select a specific single page from a report

Cycle Through All Pages - with option to select the start page

User Selected Playlist of Pages - select which pages to play and in which order

Once done, click finished editing playlist. You can now Save the layout. Feel free to Save & Preview to check the content or you can go ahead and Publish the layout to your chosen devices via a Channel.

Enable Touch on the Power BI Report or Dashboard

If you want to use a touch device to interact with the content, such as tabs on a Report or scrolling on a Dashboard, then you can easily enable touch in the layout.

Go to the playlist item and select the interactivity options:

Set the 'Pass gestures to application?' option to Yes and save

Now, when you publish the content to a touch device you'll be able to interact with it.

How to fetch new Power BI Reports and Dashboards with embed

Once your embed account is linked to Power BI, it will automatically fetch all available data at the time of setup. After that, any new Workspaces, Reports or Dashboards you add to Power BI will need to be Sync'd in embed.

It's very easy to do and is done by going into the widget and hitting the 'Sync' button under the chosen service. You'll see there is a timestamp that shows when the accounts were last sync'd. Once you hit 'Sync' embed will retrieve all the latest Workspaces, Reports and Dashboards available on the Power BI account for you to use.

What Platforms does the Power BI Integration work with?

Below we've outlined the platforms the Power BI integration works with.

  • Windows

  • macOS

  • iOS

  • Samsung Tizen SSSP - (from QxB model range)

  • LG WebOS for Signage v6

  • BrightSign Series 4 HD, XD, XT - must be on firmware 8.2.55 or above and running v1.1.4 embed app. Power BI widget animation MUST BE SET TO NONE in the playlist


  • Android

Performance Expectations & Troubleshooting

To display a Power BI Dashboard or Report via the embed signage Power BI widget will require good, efficient browser performance and processor on the playback device, amongst other things. This means that some Reports and Dashboards are more suited to powerful devices. If you experience issues with playback performance on a platform, please review the below:

  • We recommend setting the widget animation to NONE in the playlist

  • We recommend any Report or Dashboard plays for a minimum of 1 min at a time

  • We recommend to use only one zone in a layout for Power BI Reports or Dashboards at a time

  • You can have other zones of content in the layout but note that this may adversely affect the performance of other elements (RSS feeds or scrolling text for example)

  • If content appears too disrupted, we recommend trying to run just a single full screen zone for Power BI only

If you have tried the above but still encounter issues with playback, please contact [email protected] with details of your playback device, app version and layout structure so we can further assist you.

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