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How to display Seenspire feeds via the Seenspire widget
How to display Seenspire feeds via the Seenspire widget

Seenspire delivers relevant, dynamic & engaging content via URL content feeds. Here's how you can get that feed onto your signage with embed

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First off all, you need a Seenspire account - if you do not have one, head over here and signup (inc 14 day free trial)

Once you've got an account, you can use a Feel URL with our Seenspire widget to get the content onto your screens:

1) Login to your Seenspire account

2) Select or create a feed

3) Copy the URL for that feed by hitting the link icon

4) In embed, create a layout

5) In a zone, add the Seenspire widget to the playlist

6) Once it's added, click the title or the edit pencil so you can see the options panel including timing and URL settings

7) Paste the URL into the Content Stream URL section and change the timing to however long you want the feed to play for

8) Finish editing your playlist, now save and preview the layout

You can add multiple Seenspire content feeds to a playlist simply by adding more than one Seenspire widget and adding the relevant URLs for the feeds you want to show.

You can also add other content such as images, movies, text and other widgets to your playlists.

Supported Platforms:

This widget can run on all supported platforms (see below for versions) however depending on the device performance, the feed animation levels (controlled via Seenspire Feed Layout preferences) should be managed.

As a general rule, if the device is struggling to play the feed smoothly, please opt for Minimal or No animation in the Seenspire feed settings.

BrightSign 3 Series - models XD and XT only (use Feed URLs with Minimal or No animation)

BrightSign 4 Series - models HD, XD and XT only (use Feed URLs with Minimal or No animation)

Samsung SSSP v2 and v3 (Feeds with No animation only)

Samsung Tizen SSSP v4+

LG WebOS for Signage (≤v3.2 use Feed URLs with Minimal or No animation)







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