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How to enable Impression Tracking for content a.k.a. Proof of Play
How to enable Impression Tracking for content a.k.a. Proof of Play

To track how many times content plays, you need to enable Analytics tracking. This article shows you how.

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Tracking content playback is great for many reasons, not least, as a way of generating revenue with proof of play for advertising.

In order to begin tracking content playback there are few things you need:

  1. A device with the relevant application installed and registered to your account

  2. An analytics license applied to that device

  3. Playlist items with Analytics tracking enabled

Assuming points 1 and 2 are covered, here's how you enable analytics tracking on playlist items.

Enabling analytics tracking for content (impressions)

Go into a Layout or Global Playlist and open up the playlist of content you want to start tracking.

Here you'll see there is an option which says 'Not Tracked' 

When you click on 'Not Tracked', you'll have another option on the right side bar where you can change the option. Change this to 'Track Analytics':

Once you've enabled tracking, you simply need to save the changes and publish the layout via channels to the relevant devices.

What content can have impressions tracked?

Any playlist item can have impressions tracked. This means not only can you track media item playback but also text items, widgets and plugins such as Dynamic Data. 

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