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My Analytics Isn't Tracking
My Analytics Isn't Tracking

Debugging why a device may not be tracking analytics data.

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If you encounter any issues with tracking analytics data, here are a few possible causes and routes to explore:

1) Do you have an analytics license on the device? 

Every device that you require to track analytics data on will require an analytics license. If you do not have one on the device, please buy one or transfer it from another device.

2) Do you have the latest device application running?

Analytics is available on the latest device applications, if your device is running an outdated application, please upgrade to the latest version.

3) Is the device offline? 

If the device is offline then the content will not update and analytics data will not be sent back to your account - to ensure you receive analytics data from the device, please check the device network settings and get it connected to the internet and embed.

4) Have you enabled playlist item tracking?

Interactions (touch) and online / offline data automatically tracks, however media playback impressions do not - you need to enable this for the items you wish to track in the playlist. The reason for this is that you may not wish to track all content items (widgets such as time, date, weather or company logos etc) therefore you need to choose which items you want to track in the playlist. 

5) Does your network allow traffic for Analytics?

Analytics connects to a specific domain and IP. Please check these are cleared on your network:

Checked all of this and still having issues?

Drop your query to [email protected] for further diagnostics. 

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