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Track playback statistics for your content.

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Understanding your Content

Tracking content impressions is useful for many reasons, some of them being, ensuring the content you have published has played for example you have a client paying to show an advert a specific number of times in a given period. You can show these using impressions. 

Interactions (touch) and online / offline data automatically tracks, however media playback impressions do not - you need to enable this for the items you wish to track in the playlist. The reason for this is that you may not wish to track all content items (widgets such as time, date, weather or company logos etc) therefore you need to choose which items you want to track in the playlist. Read how to set that up here.

When you load the impression page you will be shown a similar page to this: 

The main graph shows you the total impressions over all devices. A table area is below that which allows you to delve deeper into what content is showing when and on what devices.

Diving deeper into impression data

Let's break down this section and exactly how you can use it to your advantage. When you first load the page you can see some helpful stats up the top of the page. Impressions, Average impressions per layout and average impressions per device.

Above the graph, you can see some tab selectors Content, Day, Device and Layout. These adjust the table data below the graph and give you information regarding impressions associated with the tab name.

   - Content Tab

   This tab will give you a list of all media items that have played during the time period and how many times the item has played. You can sort and search through this table to find specific media items. It's helpful when wanting to know for example exactly how many times the ad has been played.

   - Day Tab

   Day tab will give you a table of all days between the date period and how many impressions on each day.

   - Device Tab

   Similar to the Day tab it will give you a list of every device on the account and how many impressions each device has had.

   - Layout Tab

   This will show you all the layouts on your account and how many impression per layout.

Content-Specific Impression Data

When you have the content tab selected the table will be filled with media items. The name of the media item is a link to a page specific to the media item and all the analytics regarding that media item.

You'll be presented with a page like this. Depending on the content type your preview may differ. However, for the most part, it will be the same. There's some quite useful information here. Firstly you can see the total amount of impressions the device has had over the date period. Below you can see a table view with tab similar to the behaviour of the other pages. Each tab works the same as the tab views above. This is helpful in checking specific items play the amount they're supposed to.

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