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Any device that has an analytics-enabled license assigned to it will automatically begin tracking its online/offline status to help you identify any troublesome devices or networks. The devices page will also show you useful information about impressions and interactions. 

Overview Page

On the device overview page, you will see a bar graph showing the online/offline split for all devices over the selected period ( Default last 7 days ). You will also get a list of devices and a sum of all analytics events for that device during the period. This can include online/offline status, impressions, interaction sessions and interactions. This helps understand what devices are more popular or if any device has a connectivity  issue. This page can also be filtered using the filters tab. Check out more information for filtering in the filters support article. 

Dive Deeper Into A Specific Device

To dive deeper into a specific devices analytics click the name of the device in the devices table below the graph. You will be presented with this page. 

Let's breakdown what we are seeing here and how this can be helpful for you.

Online/Offline Status

In the main graph, you can see very easily the online/offline state of the device over the selected period ( Default last 7 days ) represented as a daily percentage. This can help you figure out if the device is having network issues. This information could help in debugging why the device possibly wasn't updating its content at some point or was showing old content. On the example device, we can see that it had an offline period between September 13th and 16th. This was for our testing purposes but for you, it may indicate a troublesome network which will affect the device in updating its content.

    1) The timeline view

     Above the graph, you will see some small labelled tabs. Timeline, Status Log, Impressions and Sessions. Timeline is selected by default and is as it sounds; a timeline view of the online/offline state of the device. Hover over the timeline to see the time the device was online or offline. In our example here you can see the offline period between the 13th and the 16th. It serves as another helpful visual tool to identify network or device issues.

     2) Satus Log
The status log is a simple table view of every single online or offline event sent up by the device. Showing you precisely what happened when.

     3) Impressions

     Selecting the impressions tab will show you a breakdown of the content items that have been tracked on the device and the total times they've played.

     4) Sessions

     The sessions tab will show you every interaction session that has occurred on the device. Most tables that have item names you will be able to click on the name and it will link you to the page for more analytics about that item.

That's it for the devices page check our other support articles to find out more about what information you can find out about your devices.

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