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Getting Started With Analytics
Getting Started With Analytics

How to get started using analytics with the embed signage platform. Track impressions, interactive sessions and more.

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What is it?

Analytics is the gateway to making better business decisions with digital signage. The insights provided through analytics help users understand what’s working, what’s not and to make informed decisions about how to use digital signage to get better results. 

This is embed’s analytics platform built from scratch and in house. This will be accessible to every embed account from January 2020.

Getting Started

To start using analytics on your account you need to check the following.

   - Analytics is enabled on your account. From January 2020 all accounts will have analytics enabled on the account.

   - You must have an analytics license key on your account

Once you have those two things setup any device that has an analytics license on it will start tracking its online/offline status and whenever analytics-enabled content is published it will begin tracking that information straight away. 

Data is sent up every 30 minutes so if your device is connected to the internet you should receive your data in 30-minute increments. After the data is sent up it may take 2-3 minutes for the servers to process the data and then it will be available on your account.

Here is a screenshot of the analytics overview dashboard when data has been filled in for device status and impressions.


If you have any issues tracking data or getting setup first check any support articles regarding analytics otherwise get in touch with your reseller or embed signage support.

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