Updating Data

Find out how to update your data when using the Dynamic Data plugin

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Updating Excel/ CSV

There are two ways to update your data if you are using an excel or CSV file. You can update it manually or automatically, if you have an FTP/ SFTP set up for your file.


  • Update your file and save to overwrite your previous save

  • Navigate to the Dynamic Data section of your account

  • Click the eye icon to the right of the source name you want to update

  • Click 'Update data' at the top of the screen and re-upload your file

  • Click 'Update source', check your data is correct, click 'Update source'

Automatically via FTP/ SFTP

Simply fill out the following information and select how frequent you want your data to be updated.


If you are using a JSON or XML feed for your data, this will be updated automatically, you will just need to select how frequent you want it updated.

Update data on your device(s)

When your data has been updated it wont update on your device, until the data is published. This can be done manually or automatically, by configuring your data to 'auto-publish'.


To manually update the data shown on your device(s) you will need to publish the relevant channel(s) that are using this data.


To auto-publish your data, simply select the 'Yes' option for the 'Auto publish' feature when configuring/ updating your data.

If your data is automatically updated, whether this be via a JSON/ XML feed or FTP/ SFTP. It will be updated to your online device(s) using the specified value for the 'Update frequency' option.

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