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Channels - Overrides

By setting an override you can show a layout for a specified date period

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Channel overrides are similar to channel schedules. The difference being the layout specified for the override will, as the name suggests, override the default layout and any schedules.

Meaning if we had a scheduled layout to show every Wednesday, but then set an override to play for an entire week, the scheduled layout would not show on the Wednesday during the overrides date range.

To add an override, click the pencil icon to the right of the channel name to edit.

Adding an override allows you to show a single layout for a set period of time depending on the dates and times set.

To add an override, click 'Add Override' and fill out the following information:

  • Override Name - Give the override a name, for your reference

  • Start Date - Choose the date you wish your override to start

  • Start Time - Set the time your override should start on the start date

  • End Date - Choose the date you wish your override to end

  • End Time - Set the time your override should end on the end date

  • Show Layout - Choose your layout

  • Screen on/off - Select whether the screen is on/off during this period

To remove an override, simply click the 'X' in the top right hand corner. We always recommend removing any override that is no longer in use, for general housekeeping.

The channel always needs to be saved and published, to an online device, for the override to take effect.

You can add as many overrides as you need allowing you to schedule layouts to override the default. If you have multiple overrides where the days and times overlap, the layout that is at the bottom of the list will show.

In our example below, 'Layout One' will never show as the dates and times set are during the 'Layout Two' override. The 'Layout Two' override will show from the date and time set until the end date and time, it will then proceed to show the default layout and any scheduled layouts set.

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