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If you have added a playlist item into a zone, you would have come across some settings that can be edited. This article is going to go through each setting in more detail and let you know how and why it is helpful to edit these. If and when the settings have been changed, you will see the settings update in the items summary. (not all settings are available on each playlist item - sizing only occurs on media items)


The time chosen is how long this playlist item will show before moving onto the next available playlist item. If you only have one playlist item in your zone, this will play continuously so this setting is irrelevant. 

You can set the time this item shows for by filling out the options available in 'Hours', 'Minutes' & 'Seconds'. The 'Repeat' option, when selected, will show this item on repeat meaning it won't move onto the next available item. The 'Play Item Until Finished' option is only available for videos, and if selected will move onto the item once this video has played through fully once otherwise it will move onto the next item in relation to the time set.

Conditional Play

Conditional play allows you to add and set rules to schedule the playlist item to show. These rules can be dependant on time of day, days of the week, specific date ranges, weather condition, temperature, wind and connectivity of the device. If you set these rules the item will only show when all of the rules set are matched. By default items are always available to show, so conditional play isn't necessary if you want this to be the case.

You can add multiple rules, simply click 'Add rule' and fill out the relevant information. As mentioned before all rules set must be matched for the item to be available to show.

(To find out more about conditional play, click here)


The sizing setting is only relevant to media items, and is how the item will be shown inside the zone. The options available are:

  • Letterbox - Will display your item in the size, in pixels, it was uploaded with. If the item is smaller than the zones dimensions, the item will have margins assigned.

  • Stretch - Will stretch the media item to the size of the zone. If the item is stretched it may become disorientated/ blurred.

  • Crop - Will crop the image to be the size of the zone it is in. Used if the image is larger than the zones dimensions, crops from the top left of the item.


Choose how your playlist item enters the zone everytime it shows, by selecting an animation. If you only have one playlist item, this animation will take effect when the page first loads. If you do not want an animation, simply choose 'None'.


You can set actions to occur on a target when a specific playlist item starts or ends by adding triggers.

For instance you could set a trigger to show a hidden zone when a specific playlist item starts and then hide it when a playlist item ends.

To add a trigger for when the playlist item starts, simply click the 'Add New' button to the right of the text, 'When playlist item starts', choose your action and associate a target.
Follow the procedure to add a trigger for when the playlist item ends, but make sure to click the 'Add New' button to the right of the 'When playlist item ends' text.
To remove a trigger, simply click the 'Remove' button to the right of the trigger you wish to remove.


You can add interactions, if your device has interactive functionality, to your playlist items, which can perform actions on chosen targets.

To add an interaction, simply select a touch event, choose an action and associate a target. With these options you can do things such as 'When a playlist item is tapped, activate a specific playlist item in a different zone'.
You can add multiple interactions, by clicking the 'Add New' button. If you have multiple interactions with the same touch event, each interaction will be called in the order they have been set. Remove an interaction by clicking the 'Remove' button to the right of the interaction you wish to remove.

(To find out more about interactions, click here)


Tags can be used for: Filtering, Dynamic Media Items, Device Conditional Play and User Groups..

 You can add these tags to playlist items, by entering the name of the tag you wish to add. To remove a tag, simply press the 'x' icon to the right of the tag you wish to remove.

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