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Associate media or a webpage to a row of data by adding custom columns

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Find out how you can add media items and/or a webpage to your source and associate this with a specific row of data. 

If you are using custom columns, make sure you have checked the 'Use as item ID' option, when importing your data, and chosen the column which differentiates the rows of data (dish name for example). This will match the custom columns data to the specific row from the column selected.

  • Navigate to your sources page by selecting 'Dynamic Data' from the left hand sidebar of your account. Click the eye icon to the right of the source you wish to edit.

  • Here you will see an overview of your source, with sheets and data. To add a custom column, select the '+' button to the right of your column headers.

  • Fill out the relevant information by giving your column a 'Column name' and selecting the 'Column type', either 'Media' or 'URL', once done click 'Add Column'.

  • Your custom column(s) would then be added to your source, where you can then edit or delete the data within these columns. For our example, we have added two custom columns, one for media and the other for a webpage.

Adding Media

  • To add media, click the media icon and select your piece of media from your media library that you wish to associate with this row of data.

  • To remove a piece of media, click the 'x' icon above the media selected.

Adding a webpage

  • To add a webpage, click the webpage icon and enter the URL of the webpage you wish to associate with this row of data, making sure the webpage is 'https'.

  • To remove a webpage, simply click the webpage icon and remove the URL entered.

You can remove entire custom columns by simply clicking the 'x' button to the right of the column header you wish to remove.

These custom columns will be added as fields, which you can select and customise when formatting your data.

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