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Find out how to format text within layouts

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This article will go through how to format your text to make sure you catch your audiences' eye and grab their attention.

Text playlist item

To add some text to your layout you will need to add a text playlist item into your zone. When you have inserted your text playlist item, you can edit some of its overall settings as well as the text and its formatting. To do this click the pencil icon on that playlist item.

Next, you can edit some of its general settings, such as the playlist item name and timing. To edit the text, click 'Edit Text & Formatting'.

You will see the current text and its formatting settings. To edit the text and/ or formatting you have to highlight the text you want to edit.

Simply delete the text and replace it with the text you want displayed. The formatting settings are visible on the right hand side. the settings you can edit are as follows:

  • Font

  • Colour

  • Font Size

  • Line Height

  • Letter Spacing

  • Indent

  • Alignment

  • Text wrapping/ Word break (used when a word hits the zones width - can choose to place the word together on the next line or break the word and split on two lines)

  • Bold

  • Italic

  • Underline/ Overline/ Strike through

  • Uppercase/ Capitalise/ Lowercase

  • Left, right, top, bottom margin

  • Shadow

The settings that you change are applied to the paragraph of text you have highlighted. If you want to add different formatting to different lines of text, they must be separate paragraphs. If no text is selected, then no formatting will be applied. 

To save the changes made to the text and formatting, click 'Save Changes' at the top of the screen.

Once you have saved, you will be taken back to your zones playlist where you can see the 'Current text' has changed. If your text overflows your zones dimensions you can apply the scrolling text feature and edit the speed, giving you the ability to have as much text as you would like in your zone.

Click 'Finish Editing Playlist' at the bottom of the screen to be taken back to the builder where you can see your text with its formatting displayed in your zone.

Text formatting for Widgets

Other elements within the layout builder can also be text formatted. For example, many of the widgets include text which you can customise and format as desired. 

  • Time

  • Date

  • Weather

  • RSS / Text 

  • Twitter

Once you've added the relevant widget to the playlist, much like above, you need to edit the item then you'll see a 'Customise' button which you click to edit the formatting. 

Then, exactly as above, you need to select / highlight the text you want to format and then use the font formatting panel to change styling. 

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