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Find out how to use conditional play on playlist items.

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Why use conditional play on playlist items?

If you needed different pieces of content to display during specific periods but in the same position on your page, you can add all of these items into one zone, then add conditional play to each item to display them at the relevant periods.

By default, playlist items will have no conditional play and will always be eligible to display. It is only when you want to set specific rules for that item to display that you can use conditional play. 

You can set specific conditions based on: 

  • Time

  • Days of the week

  • Date ranges

  • Weather conditions

  • Temperature 

  • Wind speed 

  • Device connectivity

An example of using 'Time' & 'Day' conditions on text playlist items

We have one zone with multiple text playlist items, which we want to show at certain times, on specific days of the week. 

If we set each item to play for 15 seconds and then add conditional play, the relevant playlist item will only be shown if its rules have been met. If only one playlist items' rules has been met, this item will show indefinitely.

How do I add conditional play to my playlist items?

  • In a zone playlist, select a playlist item, navigate to the 'Conditional Play' setting by clicking the conditional play settings tab. Alternatively, simply click on any playlist items' conditional play setting on the playlist item list view. 

  • Select the  'Add rule'

  • Choose your rules and fill out the relevant information for that rule. You can add multiple rules to each playlist item by again clicking 'Add rule'

Once the rules have been set, they will be visible on the playlist item. It will also show whether the item will/will not show depending on the rules set.

A playlist item with conditional play set, will only play when ALL rules have been met

In the below example, two items have their 'Day' rule met but only one has the 'Times' rule met (indicated by a ( ! ) next to time, (✓) next to date), meaning this is the only item eligible to be shown.

If we set conditional play on all of our playlist items and we had a period in which none of the rules were met, our zone would not display any items. 

Overnight schedule

You can set content to show overnight by also using the 'Times' and 'Days' rule. When adding the days rule you have to select the 'Include next day if has overnight time rule' otherwise the item will only show up until midnight.
If you want to show an item Wednesday 21:00 - Thursday 07:00.

Notice we have only selected Wednesday, and not Thursday. If we were also to select Thursday the item would also show Thursday 21:00 - Friday 07:00.

How do I remove conditional play from my playlist item?

To remove a rule, simply click the 'x' to the right of the rule you wish to remove.

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