Dynamic Data is a free plugin which can be added to your account by contacting the support team at embed signage.

This plugin allows users to populate content using Excel/CSV, JSON, XML, Google Sheets or Tabular Webpages. It includes auto publishing features as well as FTP/ SFTP synching, perfect for data driven digital signage.

The device specific ability allows you to set up, control and manage different content being shown on different devices all from one file/ feed.

There are four main areas of the Dynamic Data plugin:

Importing data

The links below will guide you through how to import the different types of data.

Adding data to your layout

Visit the link below to find out how to add your data to your layout.

Formatting data

You can set up and format your data using the WYSIWYG builder, visit the link below to find out how.

Updating data

Visit the link below to find out how to update your data.

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