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IPTV Widget

Use this widget to display UDP and HLS streams within your layouts

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Jump to IPTV Widget section of the video at 40:09 or click here: 40:09

Add to Layout

Select your designated zone and enter the zones playlist by double clicking on the zone, or click 'Edit Zone Playlist'. Click 'Widget' and select 'IPTV' to insert the IPTV widget.

Configure Settings

Once the widget has been added to your zone you will be able to configure its settings. This can be done by selecting them from the playlist items summary or from the options on the right hand side once the pencil icon has been clicked.

(To find out more about these settings, click here)

Configure Widget

The only setting you need to configure is the URL for the stream. The stream will only work if the feed is coming from either a HLS or UDP URL.

Once you are happy with your widget, click 'Save Changes' to go back to the zones playlist. If you have finished with the playlist, click 'Finish Editing Playlist' or the 'X' in the top right hand corner to go back to layout builder overview.

Compatible Devices

BrightSign - embed app v1.0.2+

UDP and HLS streams supported

UDP may need to be input as: udp://@MULTICASTADDRESS:PORT

Samsung Smart Signage Platform - SSSP v6+ - embed app v1.1.4+

HLS only streams supported.

Windows - embed app v4.2.0+

HLS only streams supported.

macOS - embed app v4.2.1+

HLS only streams supported.

iOS - embed app v4.0.1+

HLS only streams supported.

Android - embed app v4.0.3+

HLS only streams supported.

Limitation of video / stream in one zone only within layout

ONELAN NTBs - must be on 9.3.7+, be multi zone and have stream-in license.

UDP streams only - udp://MULTICAST_ADDRESS:PORT
Zone with IPTV widget inserted MUST NOT have a background colour or image

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