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Twitter Widget

We show you how you can display a hashtag search or user timeline from Twitter in your layouts.

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You can display the latest tweets from a specific twitter account or a certain subject by adding the Twitter widget into a zone.

Tutorial Video

Jump to Twitter widget section of video at 38:08 or click here: 38:08

Add to Layout

Select your designated zone and enter the zones playlist by double clicking on the zone, or click 'Edit Zone Playlist'. Click 'Widget' and select 'Twitter' to insert the twitter widget.

Configure Settings

Once the widget has been added to your zone you will be able to configure its settings. This can be done by selecting them from the playlist items summary or from the options on the right hand side once the pencil icon has been clicked.

(To find out more about these settings, click here)

Configure Widget

As mentioned before this widget can be set up to show the latest tweets from either a specific account or a certain subject. You set this up, by editing the following settings:

  • Type - Select 'Users timeline' to show tweets from an account or 'Search' to show tweets from a subject.

  • Handle/ Search - Enter the account name or subject you wish to show tweets from

  • Style - Choose how the tweets enter the zone

  • Tweet limit - Determine how many of the latest tweets to show

  • Item Delay - Set how long each tweet shows for, in seconds, before moving onto the next one

Customise Formatting

Once the widget has been set up, click 'Customise' to edit the style of the tweets. Simply highlight the text and use the options to customise the formatting styles.

When you are happy with the formatting style, click 'Save Changes' to go back to the zones playlist. If you have finished editing the playlist, click 'Finish Editing Playlist' or the 'X' in the top right corner to go back to the layout builder overview.

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