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VIDEO: Room Booking Plugin
VIDEO: Room Booking Plugin

Watch this video to learn how to use the Room Booking Plugin

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The Room Booking plugin provides users with a standalone set of features that allows the management of meeting room displays via the built in online calendar or Office 365 Outlook Calendar.

If the room booking option is not displayed in your left hand side bar, contact us and we can add it to your account.

Tutorial Video

Step by step guide

Select 'Room Booking' from the sidebar and click 'Create New'. Enter a name for your room booking system to get started.

System setup

Fill out the following information to set up your room booking system.

  • Logo - Assign a logo to display if the meeting/event doenst have one

  • System Timezone - Choose the relevant timezone for your system

  • Default Message - Enter a message to display when the room is free

  • Your Rooms - Add your meeting rooms, and then assign devices to those rooms

Room setup

When you add a room, you will need to fill out the following information.

  • Room Name - Enter the room name

  • Room Free Message - Enter a message to display when the room is free (will override the default message)

  • Room Colour - Colour used to differentiate the rooms in the calendar view

  • Ability to link your Office 365 with this room booking system

  • Assign Devices - Choose which device(s) you want assigned to this room (a device can only be assigned to one room)

Calendar setup

When your rooms have been setup, click 'Save and go to calendar' to add meetings/ events. You will see the calendar on the left hand side and the calendar entries on the right hand side with the ability to add new meetings.

Add meeting/event

Select the day on the calendar of your meeting/ event and fill out the following information.

  • Subject - Meeting/ event title

  • Room - Choose the room this event will be held in

  • Logo - Add a logo for this event (if blank, the default logo will be used)

  • Message - Add a message that will be displayed while the event is in progress

  • Configure the dates and times this event will be held

Customise design

Once your meeting/ events have been set up, click 'Save and customise' to be taken into the room booking builder where you can customise the design.

Here you can choose the layout and design of the page for both 'available' and 'booked' state. 

Once you are happy with your design, save and the devices assigned to rooms will download the relevant designs and meetings.

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