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A global playlist allows you to create and manage a single playlist, which can be used in multiple layouts, from a single place.

Tutorial Video

Create Global Playlist

To create a global playlist, navigate to the 'Global Playlists' section of your account and click 'Add New'. You will see an area, similar to the layout builder. The bar at the top shows the resolution (resolutions from devices registered), orientation, zoom and show/ hide sidebars. An area that states the number of playlist items and the total running time of the playlist, depending on the timings set on the playlist items. You can change the playlists name and then edit the playlist by clicking the 'Edit Playlist Items' button.

Edit Playlist

You can add a mixture of an unlimited amount of playlist items, the same way you do when adding a playlist item into a zone. The only option you can not add to a global playlist is another global playlist

Once you are happy with your playlist, click 'Finish Editing Playlist' or the 'X' in the top right hand corner. To save you playlist, click 'Save Changes' and select what you want to do after the save.

  • Save & Exit - Save playlist and exit to the global playlist section of your account

  • Save & Continue editing - Save playlist but stay on this page to continue editing

  • Save & Publish - Save playlist and choose the channel(s), that this playlist is associated to, to publish (will only show previously published channels with this playlist)

Add to a Layout(s)

To add a global playlist to a layout(s), you have to add the global playlist playlist item into a zone. Select the designated zone and either double click or click 'Edit Zones Playlist' to enter the zones playlist. Select playlist from the playlist item options at the top of the screen to insert a global playlist.

You will see the search options similar to those found when adding a media item and a list of your previously created global playlists. The insert procedure, is also the same as the way you insert a media playlist item, allows you to click and insert, double click or drag and drop.

Manage Playlist

You can change the global playlists playlist at anytime, and it will be updated in every layout that it is being used. Go to the global playlists section of your account, click the pencil icon to the right of the global playlists name. Make your changes, including changing the playlist items. Once you are happy save the playlist and publish the channel(s) you want updated.

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